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Why buying an investing property is a good idea

Why buying an investing property is a good idea


Build your wealth by buying an investing property, enjoy of your returns and generate passive income


“Safe as houses”

There is a reason why “safe as houses” is a well-known phrase:

¡Because it is certainly true!

Residential Real Estate is one of the safest and most profitable investments in the market.

Banks recognise the Residential Real Estate as one of the safest inversions. In fact, when you are buying an investing property, they lend you up to the 90% of the its value because they know beforehand that it will never fall over the long-term.


Your income increases

The rental income that you get when buying an investment property is a huge incentive to encourage you to invest in a property.

On one hand, it allows you to pay the interest of your mortgage while you get the benefit of leverage.

On the other hand, the opportunities to make money from your vacation property in the future are assured because it will be practically 100% demanded in the future.



Consistent capital growth

Residential property capital has a record on producing consistent and high capital growth.

Sitges and its surroundings form an area with a strong residential capital growth which makes your capital return increase.

For example, if you are buying an investment property and the value increases by 10% in a year, then the value of your property will be doubled every seven years; this happens due to the combination of compounding and leverage effects.


You are in control

You are free to make the decisions you believe are the proper on your investment. This gives you more control on your property and you have hundreds of ways to add value such as refurbishing or adding furniture to make it more desirable.

Sea Sun Invest can help you when you are buying an investment property in Sitges to make a better use of your Real Estate investment.

You will take advantage of their knowledge of the area, their aim to keep your property working and the guarantee that you will get a return on your house.

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