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Advantages of property investment

Acquiring a property is one of the most common and beneficial activities to invest and to monetize your savings. Based on the fact that it is a job that hardly requires learning and therefore is simple to carry out, there are endless advantages of property investment that lead to a high real estate income and provide an emotional benefit that improves your quality of life.

1. Progressive capital growth

The price of properties increases in value as the years go by, and it is estimated that this value can double in a margin of 7 years. This means that the rate of return equals to 8%, placing real estate profitability above other financial activities.

2. Rent increases the advantages of property investment

That’s right. With the purchase of a property you win times two. If in addition to investing in a home you rent it weekly or monthly, not only will you be favoring the increase of value of your house in the long term, but renting will also bring you a short-term benefit. Sea Sun Invest is in charge of keeping your home in perfect condition, an essential requirement for the property to be ready to be rented weekly.

3. A second house for a better personal wellbeing

Moreover, if you decide to invest in a house, it is mainly to enjoy it as a holiday destination and to be entertained with its infrastructures like the swimming pool and chill-out or its magnificent location. The tranquility of being able to relax in your own home away from the hustle and bustle of your routine is priceless and greatly improves your quality of life.

4. Reasonable finance conditions

In Spain, currently, we can find mortgages that only charge a 3% interest or an even lower one. Compared to previous years, the current low interest rate entails financing at a very economic cost.

These are 4 advantages that collectively contribute to an improvement in your quality of life, opportunities in your future and a long-term security.

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