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Buy-to-Let Investments in Sitges

Buy-to-Let Investments in Sitges


Buy-to-let investments in Sitges

With more than 7 years of experience in the Sitges rental market, we’ve seen lots of interesting buy-to-let investments in Sitges, with great returns. The main source of income in Sitges is tourism. Around 3,5 million tourists come to Sitges every year, that’s is a huge number for a town like Sitges. That means it has something special.


Investing in a buy-to-let Villa in Sitges

Having the opportunity to invest in a Villa with touristic licence in Sitges is one of the best investments you can do. Nowadays, the Sitges government has stopped giving touristic licences to properties, so having the possibility to have one, is a treasure.

All the Villas we offer at Sea Sun Invest, already have their touristic licence and have been in the touristic rental market for a few years. We are happy to say that these Villas worked so good during the hole year and have a very good potential thanks to their capacity, distribution and comfort.

Buy-to-let Investments in Sitges

Benefits of investing in a buy-to-let Villa in Sitges

A buy-to-let Villa in Sitges is a great source of income and happiness. The Villa will be paid by itself thanks to touristic rental, that can generate around 70.000€/year depending on the Villa by renting it on high season. As owner of the Villa, you decide how much time you want to rent the Villa and how much money you want to earn per year.

You also decide when you want to enjoy your Villa, you’ll be surprised by the quality of life in Sitges. If you want to enjoy more your buy-to-let Villa, we’ll find the best adapted solutions for you to enjoy it as better as possible and make the investment profitable the rest of the year.

You also have the option to buy the Villa to reside and rent it the two powerful months of the year (July & August) that can generate you around 40.000€.

Investing in a buy-to-let Villa in Sitges is more profitable than a bank deposit and obviously funnier because you can enjoy a second property in a magnificent town like Sitges

Buy-to-let investments Sitges

Take a look at the Villas we offer here Sea Sun Invest.

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