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Barcelona and Sitges: two cities with a lot to offer

For those who visit Barcelona, ​​the destination represents a whole range of attractions that you can explore from the place where you are staying. The city includes eighteen tourist areas including beaches, interior landscapes, art and cultural heritage, as well as the richness of an important industrial past, numerous traditions and a wide commercial activity.

One of these 18 tourist areas is the beautiful city of Sitges.

Sitges real estate investment

25 minutes away from Barcelona and 15 from El Prat airport, Sitges has become a similar location to the capital and highly ideal to invest and live in. With an extensive cultural offer, a marina, a golf course, international schools, luxurious restaurants and an unbeatable wine tourism culture, the coastal city promises an excellent quality of life for anyone who decides to buy a property.

Therefore, it is not surprising that these two portents of cities are the choice for anyone who wants to invest in a second residence. A second home that is attractive, located near the center, that overlooks the sea and that can also be rented during the months in which you are not living in it to obtain an additional income. The offer of Sitges real estate is wide and varied to satisfy the tastes of every single buyer.

Sales and rent just continue to increase

Sitges real estate and real estate in Catalonia has been intense and growing for some time, but these last few years have made a difference and have managed to position Barcelona as the leader in Spain.

The Catalan capital and its area of ​​influence, which includes Sitges, are the first of the list in the sale of luxury homes. It is estimated that Sitges real estate and in general, the whole region of Catalunya, has gone up 33.22% per year, although it is in operations on sales of real estate that make Catalan cities stand out.

If the sale of properties has experienced a growth, the rent of these has also experienced it in the last few years. Barcelona is in second position behind Gran Canaria (with a growth of 22% in only 12 months) and ahead of the Community of Madrid, according to data gathered by Idealista.

Rentability? Colossal.

Investing in a property is currently a very profitable choice. If in 2016 the profitability obtained when renting a property after buying it was 5.3%, now it is 5.7%, according to a study carried out by Fotocasa. And according to data gathered by the Bank of Spain, the gross profitability of rent stood at 4.36% last year surpassing 8% this 2017.

Sitges real estate: luxury homes for sale

But profitability doesn’t work with just any type of home. People seek to invest in properties located in very consolidated locations, in tourist areas and near major cities. Sitges is part of this area and also enters the group of localities that have as a profitability objective one above 3% and an investment forecast of at least 4 years.

In addition to classy properties and an excellent location, the ideal product to invest in are homes in places like Sitges that guarantee quality of life, a good time and relaxation. While these properties require more maintenance and make its rental more complicated in the quieter months, Sea Sun Invest is able to deal with the house so that it can be rented during the months with less demand and on dates not so marked as the Carnival or the Sitges Film Festival. The company promises perseverance in all housing aspects to get the most profit throughout the whole year.

A very profitable low season.

Sitges has a micro climate that makes the winters very pleasant and the low season (from November to March) an ideal time to enjoy the sun, the beach and a lot of tranquility.

This gentle weather is one of the reasons why many weeks of low season are rented. In addition, it is also the ideal time to enjoy your home, surrounded by peace and calm. The mornings are a little cold, but at noon you can eat on the terrace, and evenings are very nice.

In addition, near you have Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city where there is always activitiy: parties, musicals, exhibitions, museums, international events …

Finally, the offer of Barcelona and Sitges real estate has a residential variety of luxurious houses so that investors and also visitors who land in Catalonia for a limited time enjoy nature, sport and the beach.

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