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Investing in a property in Spain: the increase its values

Investing in a property in Spain: the increase its values

Nowadays, investing in a property in Spain is a good decision-making.
The Spanish Real Estate sector has progressively recovered from the crisis and lately, it has been demonstrated its growth.



Spain is one of the best European countries to invest and there are many elements that justify the reality of guessing correctly by investing in a property in Spain:

  • Considered attractive and open, it is the world’s fourteenth largest economy
  • Spain, ranked in the 12th place worldwide, is a model of infrastructures and logistical services with good communication networks and smart technology
  • The central government has an extensive system of aid emphasizing, among others, the investments
  • Spain is one of the preferred destinations for foreign people to live ranking the experience including factors such as lifestyle or people



Given that Spain is one of the fastest growing economies in the UE, prices have rebounded by an average of 21% in the last four years. It is a good sign regarding on investing in a property in Spain because the trend is positive for the next ones.

The statistics carried out during 2017 remained faithful to positive percentages that indicated that the number of home sales increased 14.6% and the evolution of the prices increased 6.9% by the end of 2017.

The housing market recorded an increase of the 4.47% on the prices; the highest growth in a decade and the Spanish economy grew by about 3.1% in the last year.



If you have thought about investing a property in Spain, there are no better circumstances than right now and the evidences are all around us:

  • The development of Spanish market is finally secured, guaranteed and risk free
  • New developers invest more time into producing properties of a superior quality with an incredible range of prices, locations and luxury features
  • Spanish lenders are keen to lend to non-residents and overseas investors
  • Mortgage rates in Spain are cheaper than ever



Spain is the world’s third most popular destination and the potential of the rental income has direct impact on the strength of the holiday rental market.

Sea Sun Invest is one of the most innovative Sitges Estate Agents:

  • We take in account that our clients want both an overseas home as well as the highest possible return on their investment
  • We want our clients to take advantage of all the houses that are already built because it is a pity that they are used only one or two months during the year
  • We know that a Real Estate investment offers greater refunds compared to funds kept in low interest rate savings account
  • We want to get a return on your house, to become your property operational and to take advantage of the climate and living conditions in Sitges



Our country is ranked as the world’s safest, cleanest and cheapest holiday destination so treat yourself to a holiday in the sun and take your first steps on investing in a property in Spain!


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