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The growth of international purchases of spanish properties

The growth of international purchases of spanish properties


5 reasons why many international people plan to invest in Spain for their retirement, for a holiday home or for a better quality of life.


  • Mortgage rates in Spain are now cheaper than ever
There is a financial safe practice due to the increase of government regulation of financial institutions and the more effective regulations on banks and lenders.
The lending by the banks increased by 17% in 2017 and Spanish lenders are predisposed to lend to non-residents to invest in Spain.
In case you were interested in applying for a mortgage, take advantage of the attractive lending options that you have available now.


  • Record property sales in the coming years
A leading Real Estate analyst in Spain found a 21% home sales increase between 2016 and 2018.
Inevitably means that prices will increase if the Spanish property sales are on the rise and the market has now returned to its pre-recession levels.
It is therefore a good idea to invest in Spain now while the market is still on its recovery to benefit longer term from the increase in value.



  • Hotels are replaced by investments
The INE found that all types of accommodation are on the rise but most particularly the holiday rental market
Holiday rentals can provide a massive contribution towards your overseas lifestyle, covering the cost of finance and getting greater rewards
¡That means it is a great opportunity for those who want to invest in Spain!


  • Sitges is the place in the sun
The balm Mediterranean climate, the proximity of Barcelona and the good infrastructures in the area are certainly a few of the many reasons why the “magic” of this city.
It includes eighteen tourist areas including beaches, interior landscapes, art and cultural heritage, as well as the richness of an important industrial past, numerous traditions and a wide commercial activity.
Sitges is one of the best cities to invest in Spain due its lifestyle, weather, gastronomy and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.



  • Guaranteed quality and professionalism with SSI
International clients want to buy a property which gives them both an overseas holiday home as well as a high return on their investment.
Sea Sun Invest is your best estate agent in Sitges due to its innovation and high knowledge in the area.
Our desire is to get a return in your house, turn it into an operational villa and assure your quality of life, sun, beach and fun.


To invest in Spain no longer means investing in property of dubious credentials. New developments are provided by key ready, fully installed, luxury living spaces and they are financially secured, guaranteed and risk free.


¡Go for it!


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